What is this all about?

Instagram makes it sometimes hard to request information from their platform.

This is where iive.io comes and helps you to get this data with a simple GET request.

What can I request?

User profiles
Latest posts of hashtags
Top posts of hashtags

How can I use it?

Just make a simple GET request like in the examples underneath and you will get a well formatted JSON object.


Get a User Profile

Return a json with the informations of a user profile and the last 12 media entries.


Get Media By Hashtag

Return a json with the latest post and top posts associated with this hashtag.


Json Objects

Profile Get Profile JSON Result

  • id string
  • username string
  • fullname string
  • biography string
  • is_verified boolean
  • profile_picture string
  • profile_picture_hd string
  • is_private boolean
  • follower_count number
  • following_count number
  • media Array<Media>

Hashtag Get Hashtag JSON Result

  • hashtag string
  • top_posts Array<Media>
  • media Array<Media>


  • id string
  • code string
  • caption string
  • date string (YYYY-mm-dd HH:MM:SS)
  • url boolean
  • thumbnail number
  • owner_id string
  • is_video boolean
  • video_views number
  • likes number
  • width number
  • height number
  • comment_count number